Sunday Worship

Our liturgy reflect the ancient traditions of Anglican worship centred on the Mass made contemporary through music, prayers, and homilies following the seasons of the Church.  One of the primary purposes of worship which includes the music, the sacraments, the prayers the readings from the Bible, the sermon, silence is to create for worshippers what Marcus Borg calls “a thin place” (1); a sense of the sacred, a place to experience the mystery and wonder of our God.  It is in this "thin place” that our hearts are opened to the Spirit of God, and we are enriched and sustained for our journey. 
Our services are also opportunities to enhance and develop the community through sharing hospitality and participating in the life of the parish in different ways.

Our usual services are

Regular Sunday Services:          
Every Sunday:  9.30am Eucharist St Margaret’s Cobram.

Weekday Services:
Wednesday:  10.00am Eucharist St Margaret’s Cobram.  Students from Cobram Anglican Grammar School attend.